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The raw version of the movie is out. So far, it's not yet subbed except in Chinese. Idk which fansub group would take it. Probably Doki or Underwater. BTW, some of the dialogue in the movie is plot heavy, particularly the one near the climax which sort of changed the continuity between Blood-C universe and the Blood: the Last Vampire universe.

Warning: this is heavily spoilered so if don't want to be spoiled. Don't read. If you want to see the screens from the movie, here ya go. Oh, this is shown from end to beginning. LOL. If there are some correction, feel free to correct me.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
So, Kuroto asked Saya's help to defeat Fumito. Saya has no choice but agreed to help.

Mana tries to be friendly to Saya. But Saya remains cold. Given to what had happened in the TV series, I don't blame her.

Mana is sort of like Amano from the original Blood movie who follows her everywhere. She's like the Morality Pet for Saya.

And....as every CLAMP fan has expected......Watanuki appears!!!!...........................For only 4 minutes.........>_>

I remember a review where it is said that CLAMP broke one important rule from the xxxHolic universe and I realized what that rule is: Only those who need something from Yuko/Watanuki's shop can see and enter the shop.

So, yeah, Saya can see and enter the shop because she needed a sword to defeat Fumito. But Mana? This is strange because based on her reaction, it's actually her first time to enter the shop. So, how is she able to see and enter the shop? If anyone can clarify this, please tell me.

There's a bath room scene where Saya and Mana take bath together. And we saw their boobs. Funny thing when watching this, Seth McFarlene's boob song from the Oscars is playing in my head.

Saya have a fucked-up dream about what had happened in the TV series.

The SIRRUT members have tracked down the location where Fumito is going and it's a school. So, Saya and Mana infiltrate the school. Apparently, it's a trap where Saya, upon seeing Fumito, heads towards the stage, screaming "FUMITOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!", but finds out that it's an illusion created by Fumito with a use of some paper charm (you know what those omyoujis used.). Then, the whole auditorium (the civilians, except Mana, were evacuated btw) is locked down and a tentacle Elder Bairns comes down. Saya defeats the monster, protects Mana but got injured on the arm. So, yeah, Saya saved someone!

After that, as usual to any CLAMP series, they throw in yuri love on Saya and Mana. LOL and yeah, Mana fell on top on Saya and the pose is extremely yuri lovely. Oh, there's the part where Mana explains to Saya about her dad.

Then, Mana explains to Kuroto that she will be the one to find Fumito's location. So, the rest of the time is just Mana and gang hacking.....nothing special.

Oh, Saya somehow got along with the members. But still remains in her stoic impression.

Mana successfully located Fumito who is in an island. So, she, Matsuo and Fujimaru accompanied Saya to that place. There, they acted as a mission control to Saya....well, Mana is the mission control while Kana Hanazawa's character is the back-up. Matsuo and Fujimaru are really useless here.

Anyway, Saya defeats the guards (idk if she killed him since, you know, she can't). Kuto tosses from explosive talimans like grenades and at Fumito's orders, transforms into an Elder Bairns. I mean, what the fuck?!

Saya just "screw this, I need to find Fumito" and lets the monster eat his own men. But yeah, she did defeat him.....in a few seconds.

She also walks into this crazy room where Fumito seems to be keeping the Elder Bairns in tubes. And then, she walks into a white room where Fumito is. But she.......idk what the heck happened here but she collapsed.

And it turns out Kuroto is also in Fumito's league.......Oh, poor Saya.....poor, poor Saya! Now, she thinks that Mana and the rest of the gang are fake too. But Kuroto is like, "No, they have no idea. I'm just messing with them too. TROLOLOLOLOL".

Then, there's where Kuroto and Fumito explained their motives.[Spoiler (click to open)]
Fumito and Kuroto are protecting the Elder Bairns and are in charge of the covenant which explains why Fumito has control over the Elder Bairns.

Kuroto backstab Fumito with Saya's sword but Fumito tosses Saya's blood on his face. And Kuroto turns into this weird eye thing and transformed into a 3D monster which is cool. And the I'm referring to how the monster looked like.

You know that Elder Bairn at the beginning of the movie? That's Mana's dad! Yup, Fumito explained that to Saya just before the final boss battle.

After the final battle, Saya pointed her blade at Fumito while she has no strength left after defeating the final boss. Fumito grabbed the sword while saya was still holding it. He planted the sword inside him so he could pull Saya closer to him. He hugged her, told her some sweet words, kissed her, fell on the ground and died. Saya spoke the following final words of the movie "I am truly alone now." with a pained expression on her face.

So, yes, Fumito somehow has feelings for Saya.

In the end, Yuka eventually became governor.

Mana and the rest of the SIRRUT members were wondering about Saya's whereabouts. So, where's Saya now? She's still around but she's walking on an aimless journey. The end.

Srsly, that's it? Goddamnit, CLAMP! No happy ending for Saya?! I think Saya got the worst ending next to Subaru's Tokyo Babylon ending. I mean, after all she did, this is what she gets?! Being alone?! Yeah, this might be her price for the sword and that she wouldn't want to bear to see Mana's reaction upon learning her dad's fate. But, srsly....that's so depressing. It's really funny that Nanase Ohkawa mentioned that she's inspired by Quentin Tarantino and yet, Tarantino got some bittersweet endings which are not depressing and yet, they're satisfying.  Maybe she should have watched Django Unchained.....oh wait, that movie came out after this movie....LOL

-no one from the cast (except the bad guys) died.
-Fujimaru and Matsuo are useless in hacking. Matsuo is cool in crazy driving. But Fujimaru......srsly, he's useless.
-Saya is very cold but she warms up with the group later but sadly.....she's alone again. T_T
-If anyone is asking about Saya, protecting people.......yeah, she protected Mana in the auditorium scene. No civilians, except that girl and the salaryman at the beginning of the movie, were involved in the Elder Bairns.
-The animation looks cool with the CGI blending in. There's also some first-person camera movements which is cool.
-Some things remained unanswered such as what is Saya's price for the sword, why Fumito wanted to do an experiment with Saya and anything about Saya's origins.
-The new characters are okay but unmemorable. And I thought this movie is focused on Saya's revenge and not about the SIRRUT members (except for Mana).
-Fumito is annoying and not the best villain. Sorry, Fumito, you're not Bill from Kill Bill and Col. Lando from Inglorious Basterds. And, no, you don't deserved an Oscar because that belongs to Leo DiCaprio because his hand really bleeds in Django Unchained. I don't care about your feelings with Saya because that's just cruel.
-Still, this movie is not for everyone. If you're looking for answers from the TV series, you'll be disappointed.
-The movie seems better than the TV series. No ridiculous deaths but the ending is just so depressing.

21 January 2013 @ 03:43 pm
This is posted in CLAMP's official twitter account:
Apparently, this is the same cover used in the movie pamplet. *sigh* I thought it would be a different cover instead of reusing another one. Still, it's a good cover. The BD/DVD will be released on February, 27, 2013.
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Fumination moved the release of the BD/DVD set for two weeks. So, the release date is now January 22, 2013. You can still make your order in amazon.

They also released the English dub of the first two episodes in their site for free.
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15 November 2012 @ 05:12 pm
Here's the cover for the last volume of the manga.It will be released on November 26, 2012.

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01 November 2012 @ 09:04 pm
Funimation has announced the English dub cast of Blood-C. The BD/DVD combo will be out on January 8, 2013.

Alexis Tipton- Saya Kisaragi
Bill Jenkins- Tadayoshi Kisaragi
Robert McCollum- Fumito Nanahara
Lindsay Seidel- Nene and Nono Motoe
Scott Freeman- Shinichirou Tokizane
Chris Burnett- Itsuki Tomofusa
Martha Harms- Yuka Amino
Lydia Mackay- Kanako Tsutsutori
Todd Haberkorn- Dog

I knew it!! Todd Haberkorn is reprising his role as
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Watanuki! Well, everyone knows that dog is Watanuki! XD 

And yes, it was rumored before that Bill Jenkins will voice Tadayoshi before it's even this news was announced. Really weird, right?
23 October 2012 @ 07:06 pm
The fourth and final volume of the Blood-C will be on November 26, 2012. The cover isn't out yet. Hopefully, it might be out early in November.

Fumination would be releasing a complete collection of the TV series on January 8, 2013. I don't know if they're going to include the movie since the DVD/BD date is on February 27, 2013. I don't think Funimation would actually import on the movie first before the BD is out in Japan. Would be pretty unfair for Japanese fans if BD of the movie was released first to international consumers before they do. So, I guess Fumination would release the BD of the movie later on in 2013.

Dark Horse also announced that the first volume of the manga would be on March 6, 2013.

BTW, I need some clarification regarding the English dub cast for the TV series. It seems that Ben Jenkins is already listed to play the voice of Tadayoshi. There's no official announcement yet.  But he was also listed to play a minor role in [C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control before the actual announcement and, surprisingly, it came true. It's really a bit odd that the dub actors somehow leaked information that they're going to play this role before the official news.

Anyway, here's hoping if Todd Haberkorn would play the voice of the Dog since, you know, he also voiced Watanuki. If that's not going to happen, then, Fumination suck in selecting roles!
09 October 2012 @ 09:06 pm
Confirmed in this year's Clamp Festival that the release date is February 27, 2013.

There's also another screening of the movie at the Waterloo Film Festival in Canada next month.

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The movie will also compete in this year's Sitges Film Festival in Sitges, Spain. The dates are October 6-7, 2012. You can find the schedule here.

BTW, the Blood-C manga finished its run last August. So, we have a total of 4 volumes. The storyline of the movie is also in the last two volumes.

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11 August 2012 @ 10:34 am
Some very,very late news......

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